Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chocolate Macaroons - no gluten, no dairy, no refined sugar, no eggs.

2 c. Shredded unsweetened coconut
3/4 c. Coconut oil
1/4 c. Unsweetened Cocoa powder
4 T. Maple syrup or agave nectar
1/3 c. Blanched almond flour

Spread coconut across baking sheet
Bake 300 for 8 mins( until lightly browned)
Over simmering water in a saucepan, place a bowl and add coconut oil to slowly melt
Turn off heat
Whisk in cocoa powder
Add maple syrup, whisk
Add coconut and almond flour
Blend with fork or spoon
Drop a Tablespoon onto nonstick cookie sheet
Place in fridge to solidify( store in fridge)

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