Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day

Breakfast of champs!
24 hour fermented homemade yogurt
Fresh Local Farmers Market berries

Making yogurt is actually fairly simple:)

Heat 5 cups of your favorite milk( not necessarily cow's milk- you can use goats milk, almond milk, coconut milk. Etc)
I use nonfat milk right now. Lactose bothers me, so I ferment for 24 hours to remove all of the lactose.
After the milk is 180-200 degrees F, take off stove and cool to room temperature- around 70 degrees F.
Then add some yogurt starter- you can also use a big spoonful of plain store bought yogurt as a starter:)
Then place in yogurt maker(YoGourmet) for 24 hours.
Then place in fridge for 8 hours.
Then enjoy:)
It takes forever, but it is so very worth it:)

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