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          1.       Thank you for your support and concern about chinaevironment.com. Our business time is 9:00-18:00 from Monday to Friday. You can contact us through following ways:

            Article Publication

             ( News / Papers / Conference Notice )

            Tel: 010-6483 7742


            Commerce Cooperation

            (Advertising / Special Promotion / Project Cooperation/ Forum & Exhibition Resource Exchange)

            Tel: 010-5329 3663

            Email: pr@chinaenvironment.com  

            Meeting Service

             (Member Register /  Member Identification  / Member Service)

            Tel: 010- 6483 7742

            Email: kf@chinaenvironment.com  

            Complaint and Suggestion

                  If you have any problem or suggestion about chinaenvironment.com, please feel free to contact us by following email and leave your contact method for our reply.  

            Email: jianyi@chinaenvironment.com


            6th Floor A8, Anyuan, An-hui-bei-li, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

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